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are with a "Local" Touch - Born and raised in the Golden Crescent, Clay Wiatrek is a Victoria native who founded Sacred Heart Medical Services in January 2009. "Compassionate service is our Priority" Under this principles, CEO Clay Wiatrek, has maintained an exceptional track of successful growth throughout South Texas.


"We want to be the have the Best and Be the Best" The team at Sacred Heart Medical maintains the optimum knowledge of life saving care. Rightfully prepared and trained to meet the rigorous mental and physical demands of emergency medical services. Only Sacred Heart Medical employees are championed to uphold a balance of government standards along with a faith-based moral and ethical guidance.


"Under Sacred Heart Care, your Loved ones Becomes Ours"


Each compassionate employee at Sacred Heart Medical form a team of individuals whom ensure their loyalty to the commitment of patient emergency care.





Sub tuum praesidium Under thy protection.

Sacred Heart Medical Services

Victoria, Texas



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